The New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection declares that the following attorneys fulfilled their 2012 billing obligation prior to the publication of the 2012 Pro Hac Vice Ineligible List. The Orders declaring those on the List ineligible was effective October 29, 2012. The responses for these individuals were received after the publishers’ deadline, so publication of the names could not be prevented. These attorneys sustained no period of ineligibility. Their names should be stricken from the Court Orders dated October 22, 2012 and published on October 29, 2012.

Pro Hac Vice:

Abernathy, Michael J. — Illinois

Albanis, Panagiotis Pete V. — Illinois

Bedi, Ben H. — California

Borcia, James K. — Illinois

Carmack, Thomas T. — California

Fogerty, Kevin T. — Pennsylvania

Foley, Thomas J. — Michigan

Friedman, Edward L. — Texas

Hassett, Annemarie — New York

Hemingway, Alfred H. — New York

Kesselman, Stephen E. — New York

Kramer, Kenneth M. — New York

Minster, Tovah Amanda — D.C.

Moskowitz, Max — New York

Palmese, Maria Luisa — New York

Park, Michael — D.C.

Rizkalla, Hany Waheeb — New York

Smith, Amethyst C. — Illinois

Tanenbaum, Alan — South Carolina

Tidman, Mark H. — D.C.

Weinstein, Veronica — California

Wilson, Alexander J. — New York

Daniel R. Hendi, Director
New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection
Dated: November 2, 2012