Identifying, Responding to and Investigating Internal Fraud
Expert advice regarding telltale signs of defalcation, measures to prevent and deter theft within a company, and how to conduct investigations and interviews.
By Alan C. Winters and Michael J. Molder

A pending bill implicating debarment from government contracts is not likely to create a sea change in the self-reporting calculus.
By John McGahren and John A Vassalo III
How an effective compliance program can go a long way — sometimes the whole way — in avoiding corporate prosecution.
By Amy Conway-Hatcher

Attorneys have greater discretion than ever to make public disclosures to avert clients’ wrongdoing.
By Bruce Green and Jordan Thomas 
SEC Rule 10b5-1 has not solved the question of liability for ‘knowledge’
By Steven R. Glaser and Raymond Bilderbeck 
Some say the commission settles cases too cheaply.
By John C. Coffee Jr.