Increasingly, machine learning and technology solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI) are the norm and not the exception. Massive and complex data sets, combined with pricing pressure and unwavering time pressures, are making the use of AI to amplify legal professionals a necessity and not a luxury. The volume, variety, and velocity of e-discovery data, coupled with increased sophistication of corporate clients and their counsel, have created an unanticipated variety of use cases and specification for legal practitioners in the e-discovery space. From accelerating time to evidence to making connections beyond the realm of naked human cognition, AI-powered e-discovery is shaping the way law is practiced now and will continue to do so well into the future. 

With that in mind, our team of technologists, data scientists and legal experts at Reveal-Brainspace combined our insights about what trends are shaping the future of e-discovery in 2022 and beyond. From cloud migration to platform consolidation, here’s what you need to know in the world of e-discovery.

Cloud Migration