We are all rightly concerned about protecting our environment and implementing measures to achieve those goals. Our NJ Department of Environmental Protection has worked very hard over the years to bring about improvements to our waterways and groundwater. The NJDEP has implemented many creative programs to achieve clean water objectives by requiring improvements in the discharge of wastewaters.

Our state is fortunate to have regional treatment plants to process and manage waste waters to protect our waterways and utilize creative state of the art environmental processes in these efforts. The most critical aspect of these treatment activities is to have energy available to keep these systems operating. The Passaic Valley Sewage Commission treatment facilities, located in Newark, provide treatment for approximately 300 million gallons per day of wastewaters from domestic, commercial and industrial sources in its service area. The treated wastewaters are discharged at Robbins Reef Light in New York Bay which is a tidal estuary, the waters of which affect New Jersey and New York waters.