Our Top Women in Law honorees always encompass the best the legal profession in New Jersey has to offer, from professional accomplishment, to leadership, to mentorship. And this year is no different in that regard. What might be a bit different about this year is that the stories, thoughts, insights and advice shared here by the honorees seem more valuable than ever:

  • “We derive meaning in times of crisis by the work that we offer, the love that we give, and our capacity to persist in loving no matter the disappointments and sorrows.”
  • “More women are needed in management, including more women on executive committees, management committees, and more women as Managing Partners.”
  • “Be yourself. There is no right or wrong ‘style’ on how to practice law.”
  • “Professionally, my mentor and first boss, New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Virginia Long, shared, ‘Stop waiting for your real life to start. This IS your real life. All you have is today.’”
  • “When considering women for partnership or similar roles, firms should consider their value holistically in terms of their contributions to the firm over several years, as disproportionate focus on billable hours in specific years tends to punish women for taking maternity leave and unnecessarily delay their advancement.”
  • “Ensuring that women have direct input in writing and implementing policies that guide career and life choices improves opportunities for employees and businesses alike.”

Our sincerest thanks to these attorneys for taking time to engage with us and the readers.