Clash Between ‘Free and Clear’ and Tenants’ Rights Under Section 365(h)  Albena Petrakov.  The Third Circuit’s decision in the Revel Casino Resort case reminds us that while the “free and clear” language appears all encompassing, there are carve outs that will limit the rights of an asset purchaser.

Third Circuit Further Refines Jurisdictional Parameters in Bankruptcy  Julie M. Murphy. In 2018, the Third Circuit applied ‘Stern v. Marshall’ and its progeny in three significant cases.

The Changing Landscape of Tenants by Entirety Law and How It Affects Your Practice John M. August.  In ‘Jimenez v. Jimenez,’ the NJ Appellate Division held, for the first time, that New Jersey law prohibits the forced partition and sale of real property owned as tenants by the entirety to satisfy a judgment creditor of one spouse.

Running on Empty: Why Pacific Gas and Electric Filed for Bankruptcy Rachel Ginzburg, Rachel Parisi and Warren J. Martin Jr. The company is vulnerable to significant damage claims arising out of both the 2017 and 2018 California wildfires.