Just had a chance to read the article about millennial lawyers flocking to midsize law firms in yesterday’s NYLJ—and I loved it. My grandson is in his first year of law school at Hofstra Law School.

Times have changed and the younger generation knows how important it is to balance time with family and friends and extra-curricular interests with their jobs. Lawyers tend to devote an enormous amount of time (just like doctors, dentists, IT employees, etc.) to enhancing their careers and becoming successful.

Your article really focuses on those important aspects of your everyday existence. Today, a person employed spends most of their hours with others who can become “a family.”  Keeping the employees happy guarantees better productivity and less turnover. Implementing all the factors that these midsize law firms have instituted gives the attorneys a greater chance to become assets in the law field.

I photocopied your very informative and well-written article and shall mail this great article (no wonder it made front page news!) to my grandson Brian Murphy. It will give him some foresight in the outlook for his future employment, I’m sure. He would like to specialize in corporate, contract law in the field of sports and entertainment law.

Perhaps, maybe interning at one of the midsize law firms during the summer months, he can experience the “great differences” they have instituted to make a great law firm better.

Rebecca Caravaglio is a legal assistant
at Schlam Stone & Dolan.