Joel Abramson

The General Practice Section is unique among NYSBA’s sections in that it cuts across all lines and areas of legal practice. The Section’s focus is on the common interests of every segment of the Bar. While, for example, a lawyer who handles commercial matters may have little in common with a zoning lawyer regarding substantive legal issues, they are both unified by being practicing lawyers facing the common challenges of lawyers, albeit in different settings. The General Practice Section is the section where lawyers in every practice area, regardless of firm size, can get together in order to make their lives as lawyers better and more satisfying.

The General Practice Section has taken as its mission advocacy for and on behalf of lawyers so as to improve the professional working conditions of the legal profession.

A short time ago, the NYSBA leadership asked the sections for suggested 2018 Legislative Priorities. This prompted the General Practice Section’s Executive Committee to respond and to initiate the process for NYSBA’s approval of an affirmative legislative proposal that is designed to significantly help lawyers by putting lawyers on an equal platform with other professionals in the area of professional malpractice liability. Presently, lawyers are subjected to a disparate, compromised and considerably less favored position than other professionals.

The General Practice Section will work to submit to NYSBA’s Executive Committee a proposal to enact a new CPLR §3012-c, which would require a certificate of merit as a requirement in all legal malpractice actions. Passage of such a CPLR section will enable lawyers to be on the same footing with and have equal rights with other professionals such as doctors, dentists, and other professionals who are presently protected from sham lawsuits by CPLR §3012-a and §3012-b. Those CPLR sections require a certificate of merit for all professional malpractice suits against professionals. Lawyers are excluded from this most reasonable requirement. In contrast, lawyers are left in a defenseless wilderness. The General Practice Section wants rectification so that lawyers will be the equal of other professionals.

The General Practice Section invites and welcomes all lawyers who are not already section members to join us and work together with us in many different ways on behalf of all lawyers. Lawyers must advocate for lawyers, and the General Practice Section intends to lead this campaign.

Joel E. Abramson, a Manhattan solo practitioner, focuses on real estate matters, business transactions and litigation.