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Employment Arbitration: A Practical Assessment of Advantages and Disadvantages

Michael Weber writes: As the U.S. Supreme Court again revisits issues related to employment arbitration agreements in a series of cases involving class and collective action waivers, we revisit the advantages and disadvantages of implementing a workplace arbitration program.

The Applicability of Corporate Dispute Resolution Principles to World Conflicts

Noah J. Hanft writes: Considering the similarly common elements between corporate and broader cultural/humanitarian disputes, and applying some of the ADR strategies discussed herein, could potentially result in a safer, more inclusive and peaceful world for all. It is definitely worth the effort.

Through the Looking Glass: Transparency in Arbitration Costs and Costs Allocation

Javier Rubinstein, Lucila Hemmingsen and Jonathan Levin discuss the new London Court of International Arbitration report, which compares costs of cases administered by the LCIA between Jan. 1, 2013 and Dec. 31, 2016 with an estimate of the costs for those same cases had they been administered by competing institutions that use ad valorem cost calculation methods.

An Ounce of Prevention: Structuring Foreign Investments to Maximize Protection and Minimize Risk

Christopher Ryan, Jonathan Greenblatt, Henry Weisburg write: Accessing international investment law protection may allow foreign investors to protect themselves against certain adverse government action. Applying at ounce of prevention that the earliest possible stage can give investors a degree of security otherwise not available to them.

Mediation Prep and Practices in Employment-Law Cases

Michael H. Dolinger writes: Success in mediation depends not only on the skills of the mediator, but on the approach of counsel and clients.

The Crucial Decision: Mediate or Litigate? A Former Judge’s Perspective

Larry S. Schachner writes: In most instances, deciding to mediate or litigate is a key moment in the life of a case.