• Matter of the Estate of Dawe

    Publication Date: 2018-08-10
    Practice Area: Trusts and Estates
    Court: Surrogate's Court, Madison
    Judge: Surrogate Dennis McDermott
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: For the Petitioner: David E. Daniels, Esq. and Cristen G. M. Rescigno, Esq., of counsel, Daniels, Porco and Lusardi, LLP
    for defendant: For Respondent: Co-Executor Judith J. DeMuro; David E. Sonn, Esq. For Respondent: Thomas Bezigian, Jr., Esq. and John F. Boyd, II, Esq., of counsel, Christopher Wiles, Esq., of counsel, Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC, The Godfrey Memorial Library; and Hon. Barbara Underwood, Attorney General of the State of New York

    Case Number: 2014-33309

    Invalidating Provision in Will Did Not Result in Intestacy; Remainder Bequest Accelerated