Ready to ‘Do Justice,’ Carter Assumes Helm at Law Department
December 31, 2013
Zachary Carter, the incoming New York City corporation counsel, said he is ready to take over an office already running at full speed on a number of major issues. “Absolutely,” Carter said in an interview. “I’ve always loved public service and this is an opportunity to play an important role in the administration of the city.”

Enthusiasm as Legal Advocate, Defender of City Never Dimmed
December 31, 2013
“I knew when I took the job that I would be here for only four years,” Michael Cardozo said. Twelve years and three terms as corporation counsel later, Cardozo returns to Proskauer, having held the position longer than any of his predecessors. “I had no idea the satisfaction I would get from this job,” he said.

Q&A: Michael Cardozo
December 31, 2013
The outgoing New York City corporation counsel discusses his tenure and approach to defending the city, changes to the Law Department over the last 12 years, tort reform, the merit selection of judges, and more.

Former U.S. Prosecutor Is City’s New Top Attorney
December 30, 2013
Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio has announced that Zachary Carter, a former U.S. attorney for the Eastern District, will become New York City’s corporation counsel on Jan. 1.

Pioneer Departs Leaving a Record ‘Shaded in Gray’
December 27, 2013
Charles Hynes, an aggressive crime fighter who has been praised for his innovative community initiatives, leaves office on Dec. 31 after having been repudiated by voters who had chosen him six times as Brooklyn’s top prosecutor.

Thompson Taps Broad Expertise for Transition Team
November 22, 2013
Brooklyn District Attorney-elect Kenneth Thompson has announced a 32-member transition team of prominent private attorneys, community leaders and criminal justice experts who are tasked with recruiting high-caliber legal talent to the office.