Judge Nervo
Judge Nervo ()

A judicial election qualification commission has released a review of one candidate for a vacancy on the bench.

The Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commission for the First Judicial Department, which encompasses Manhattan, rated Acting Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Frank Nervo as highly qualified.

The qualification committees are made up of 15 members who are attorneys and lay people and who are selected by the chief judge of the state of New York the presiding justices of each of the four Appellate Division departments, the New York State Bar Association and local bar groups. Candidates are rated as either “highly qualified,” “qualified” or “not found qualified.”

The criteria for evaluation include “professional ability, character, independence and integrity, reputation for fairness and lack of bias and temperament, including courtesy and patience.”

The commission for the Twelfth Judicial District, which encompasses the Bronx, did not review any candidates.