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Welcome to the New York Top Verdicts and Settlements of 2016, a special section of the New York Law Journal encompassing verdicts, settlements, mediations, arbitrations and decisions. The lawyers and law firms who are ranked in this special section represent the best of the best in the last year. Their zealous advocacy on behalf of their clients is inspiring and deserving of our respect. Attorneys are listed by lead or co-lead then by firm and last name.

In addition to highlighting the verditcs and settlements in excess of $100,000, we also break down these listings by categories. These cases are ranked by gross award and do not reflect reductions or if a case has been appealed. If you do not see a case you worked on last year, we encourage you to begin reporting your cases to VerdictSearch. You can submit a case to VerdictSearch online at verdictsearch.com/submit-case or by telephone at 212.457.9576. For subscriptions to the VerdictSearch database of 175,000+ cases, call sales at 800.445.6823. If you are interested in this topic, please remember that every Monday on page 5, the New York Law Journal runs a special Verdicts & Settlements section in the paper highlighting recently submitted important or newsworthy cases.

As always, if you have any thoughts on this program or any other we run here at the New York Law Journal please drop me a line. I can be reached at wcurtis@alm.com.

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Wayne Curtis,
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