Justice Edwina Mendelson and Justice George Silver.
Justice Edwina Mendelson and Justice George Silver. ()

When Judge Fern Fisher retires in June, two judges will each assume one of the dual administrative roles she has held in New York courts, court officials announced Thursday.

Supreme Court Justice George Silver will become deputy chief administrative judge for the courts in New York City and Acting Supreme Court Justice Edwina Mendelson will become deputy chief administrative judge for justice initiatives, court officials announced Thursday.

Fisher, 62, has held both posts since 2009.

State Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence Marks called Fisher’s ability to do both jobs simultaneously “remarkable, and a testament to her exceptional leadership, tireless work ethic and passionate pursuit of equal justice.”

The designations of Silver and Mendelson were made by Marks, with approval from state Chief Judge Janet DiFiore and in consultation with the presiding justices of the four Appellate Division departments.

Fisher had been known to be looking for a job outside the judiciary. She was a finalist in 2016 for the opening of the deanship of the City University of New York School of Law, which went to Mary Lu Bilek (NYLJ, June 8, 2016).

In addition to being assigned mainly matrimonial cases since his election in 2013 to the Manhattan Supreme Court bench, Silver has supervised an inventory of medical malpractice cases that are scheduled for settlement and is presiding over a newly created mediation part.

Mendelson, who has mainly been hearing criminal cases in Manhattan Supreme Court, was the administrative judge of the New York City Family Court from 2009 to 2015. She was first appointed as a New York City Family Court judge in 2003 and has been an acting Supreme Court justice since 2015.