Justice Arlene Bluth


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Defendants moved to dismiss plaintiffs’ complaint arguing the claims were barred by the statute of limitations in this suit arising from the creation of the Alliance for Flushing Meadows-Corona Park—an entity overseeing land use deals entered into by N.Y.C. related to the park. Plaintiffs argued the Alliance’s license with the city’s Parks and Recreation Department, its by-laws violated Administrative Code §18-137(b), and funding structure violated City Charter §109. Defendants alleged a four month statute of limitations applied, arguing the substance of the action was an Article 78 proceeding, despite relief being sought was declaratory. Plaintiffs alleged the catch-all six year limitations period applied as they could not have brought this suit as an Article 78, noting the statute of limitations renewed each day as defendants continuously violated the law. The court ruled facts of the suit did not support defendants’ conclusion the suit could have been brought as an Article 78 as it challenged a governmental body’s action or determination, noting there was no determination made by the Alliance as plaintiffs sought a declaration the current by-laws and funding scheme violated the law. Thus, the six year limitations period applied, plaintiffs’ claims were timely, and dismissal was denied.