District Judge Edward R. Korman


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A jury found Dhinsa guilty on 21 of 29 counts in a superseding indictment centered on a racketeering organization built around his chain “Citygas” stations. In addition to eight life terms for racketeering, obstruction of justice murder, and kidnapping charges, other sentences were imposed for firearm, conspiracy and fraud offenses. After Second Circuit vacated two of the counts for which Dhinsa was sentenced to life terms and another for which he was sentenced to a 60-month term, Dhinsa was left with six life terms, four 120-month terms, and eight 60-month terms. The court denied him habeas relief as to two life terms for the obstruction of justice murders of two Citygas workers. Discussing the concurrent-sentence doctrine the court ruled that even if Dhinsa was innocent of the obstruction of justice murder charges he was lawfully detained under four unchallenged life sentences. It rejected Dhinsa’s claim Fowler v. U.S., 563 U.S. 668, “changed the law” as to obstruction of justice murder. Finding the trial evidence supported Fowler’s federal nexus standard, the court noted there was substantial indication that a federal investigation into Dhinsa and his racketeering scheme would have ensued had the two Citygas workers not been murdered.