Justice Ritholtz
Justice Ritholtz ()

Queens Supreme Court Justice Martin Ritholtz will retire at the end of this month and join 20-attorney litigation and corporate firm Shiboleth as special counsel in January.

The firm said Ritholtz will handle commercial litigation matters and work to expand its commercial litigation practice.

Ritholtz has served on the bench for more than 20 years, initially with the Civil Court of the City of New York and on the Queens County Supreme Court, where he has been a justice since 2000. Since 2014, Ritholtz has also served as a Commercial Division judge.

Ritholtz, who earned his law degree from Hebrew University of Jerusalem Law School, is a member of both the New York bar and the Israeli bar.

Shiboleth, founded about 40 years ago, represents clients in real estate, private equity and venture capital, among other industries. The firm is based in Manhattan and is affiliated with Shibolet & Co., a law firm in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Shanghai.

Alon Harnoy, managing partner at Shiboleth, said the firm’s partners met Ritholtz about a year ago and later learned he was about to retire from the bench and wanted to spend more time in Israel, where he has family.

Amnon Shiboleth, founding partner of the firm, said Ritholtz “comes with a lot of credibility” and is in a unique position to eventually practice in both Israel and New York.

“That’s a big part of our business here,” Shiboleth said, adding that many Israelis are investing in New York real estate and many Americans are investing in high tech business and research in Israel. “We are active in both markets.”