If you’re the type of person who thought “The Devil Wears Prada” would have been better retold by an aspiring Supreme Court clerk in an Armani suit, then “Supreme Ambitions” by blogger David Lat is the book for you.

Audrey Coyne, by all appearances, is a young woman who has it all. She is smart, attractive and well educated. The daughter of a lower middle class interracial couple (Irish and Filipino) from Woodside, Queens, she has a strong model minority work ethic and the ambition to go all the way, which for now is to the U.S. Supreme Court as law clerk. She’s ticked off a Yale Law degree, Law Review and an offer from Cravath from her to-do list and is about to embark on the next league of her journey toward One First Street: a clerkship with Ninth Circuit Judge Christina Wong Stinson.