Trinity Lower East Side Lutheran Parish
Trinity Lower East Side Lutheran Parish (

Borah, Goldstein, Altschuler, Nahins & Goidel is partnering with Trinity’s Services and Food for the Homeless, a soup kitchen and food pantry in New York City, to create a free monthly legal clinic. The firm will send volunteer lawyers to the East Village nonprofit to provide pro bono legal consultations. The food pantry will also refer matters to the firm throughout the month.

The first clinic was held Wednesday evening and will return each month, said Darren Marks, a Borah Goldstein partner. “Especially in these underrepresented communities, there’s a certain fear of lawyers,” he said. “[Services and Food for the Homeless] had been around for awhile and it’s trusted by the people who come here.”

The firm is looking for volunteer lawyers to help staff the food pantry clinics and provide legal counsel on debt, healthcare and social services benefits issues. Those interested can contact Marks at 212-965-2622 or at