Joel Getreu was disbarred by an Appellate Division, First Department, panel Thursday after he submitted a resignation from the bar and admitted he used funds in his IOLA account for his own purposes.

Between July 2011 and March 2013, the Departmental Disciplinary Committee received seven complaints against Getreu alleging, among other things, he failed to remit client settlements in a timely manner. Two similar complaints were received afterward. He was suspended in December 2013 based on uncontested evidence that he repeatedly misappropriated or converted client funds, commingled personal and client funds and failed to keep required IOLA account funds.

Getreu, whose last registered law office address was in downtown Manhattan, submitted an affidavit of resignation in May 2014 acknowledging that he could not defend himself against pending charges.

A First Department panel of Justice Peter Tom, David Friedman, Richard Andrias, Helen Freedman and Darcel Clark granted the committee’s motion and disbarred Getreu in the Thursday order.

Kathy Parrino represented the disciplinary committee in Matter of Getreu, M-2564. The decision appears on page 6 of the print edition.