Joseph J. Savino
Joseph J. Savino ()

Joseph J. Savino has been disbarred as a result of pleading guilty to his role in a scheme to buy a spot on the mayoral ballot for a state senator, according to an order from Appellate Division, Second Department, panel.

According to the 2013 indictment, Savino, chairman of the Bronx County Republican Party, accepted a cash bribe in exchange for his agreement to use his office to approve state Sen. Malcolm Smith, D-Queens, to run as a Republican candidate for New York City mayor, Savino has since resigned from the Bronx office.

Savino, who formerly practiced at Faga Savino law firm, pleaded guilty in November 2013 in the Southern District to a three-count criminal information charging him with conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud and travel act bribery; honest services wire fraud; and travel act bribery.

The Grievance Committee of the Ninth Judicial District sought an order striking Savino’s name from the roll of attorneys on the grounds that he was automatically disbarred when he pleaded guilty, in accordance with Judiciary Law §90(4)(b). Savino did not oppose the motion or submit a response, the panel said.

The Second Department panel was composed of Presiding Justice Randall Eng (See Profile) and Justice William Mastro (See Profile), Reinaldo Rivera (See Profile), Peter Skelos (See Profile) and Sylvia Hinds-Radix (See Profile). Fredda Fixler-Fuch represented the grievance committee. Matter of Savino, 1013-11504, appears on page 6 of today’s print edition.