Bronx attorney Henry Banji was disbarred on Thursday by a unanimous Appellate Division, First Department panel for failing to cooperate with a disciplinary investigation into a complaint that he neglected a client.

The Departmental Disciplinary Committee began investigating Banji after a client complained that he failed to file an appellate brief, resulting in the client’s appeal being dismissed. A First Department panel suspended him in April 2013, noting that he could not be found and had not responded to numerous attempts to contact him.

The same panel said on Thursday that Banji had not applied for reinstatement or responded to the investigation in any way. Since more than six months had passed since Banji’s suspension, the panel disbarred him pursuant to 22 NYCRR 603.4(g).

The disciplinary committee is represented by Kaylin Whittingham.

Justices David Friedman, Rolando Acosta, Richard Andrias, Helen Freedman and Darcel Clark sat on the panel.

The case, Matter of Banji, M-468, appears on page 6 of the print edition.