The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is offering to open most files that were sealed in the Dewey & LeBoeuf case.

The New York Times moved to unseal all papers of former employees who had already pleaded guilty by the time criminal charges were announced against the firm’s ex-chairman Steven Davis, former executive director Stephen DiCarmine, former chief financial officer Joel Sanders and onetime client relations manager Zachary Warren. The four former Dewey & LeBoeuf insiders were charged earlier this month with engineering a massive fraud that eventually led to Dewey’s bankruptcy in 2012. The four have pleaded not guilty.

The Manhattan DA’s Office, in redacted papers filed in one of the “John Doe” cases, opposed the newspaper’s request to unseal all records and said that having to justify why the records are sealed would disclose information it does not want to release.

Instead, prosecutors requested “that the record in this case remain sealed in part going forward” and requests permission from Acting Supreme Court Justice Michael Obus to unseal all documents “with the exception of a single document.”

Arguments over the request to unseal the sole document are expected to begin Thursday.

Meanwhile, Ilya Alter, one of the persons whose name was kept under seal and has allegedly pleaded guilty, is being represented by defense counsel Benjamin Brafman.