An Appellate Division, First Department, panel on Thursday accepted the resignation of New York attorney Claudine King, who was facing a disciplinary investigation for failing to turn over client funds.

King, a graduate of Tulane University Law School who was admitted to the bar in 2004, submitted her resignation on Oct. 9, 2013.

Though the Departmental Disciplinary Committee has not filed charges against King, she said in her affidavit of resignation that “if the Committee brought charges predicated upon alleged the conduct, she would be unable to successfully defend herself on the merits,” according to the First Department panel.

The resignation in Matter of King, M-4511 and M-5128, is effective nunc pro tunc to Oct. 9. The committee also granted a motion by King to seal the file.

King is represented by Sarah Diane McShea.

The disciplinary committee’s attorney in the matter is Naomi Goldstein.

Justices John Sweeny (See Profile), Dianne Renwick (See Profile), Karla Moskowitz (See Profile), Leland DeGrasse (See Profile) and Judith Gische (See Profile) sat on the panel.