A jury has convicted a Brooklyn lawyer of fraud and official misconduct in a case relating to the misuse of New York City Transit Authority money.

Attorney John Headley, who served as outside counsel for the transit authority in 2007, falsified names on documents authorizing the agency’s law department to hire Headley’s medical examination company.

Headley, 49, was romantically involved at the time with the law department’s manager, Jacqueline Jackson. Prosecutors said if Headley had used his real name in the requests, his company likely would have been disqualified because of his relationship with Jackson.

She is accused of steering just under $100,000 in business to Headley’s company and is being tried separately.

Headley’s defense argued he hid his ownership of the company to protect the assets from his wife in a then-imminent divorce. But on Thursday, a Brooklyn Supreme Court jury, after four days of deliberations, determined he was guilty of four counts of offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree and two counts of rewarding official misconduct in the second degree, all E felonies.

The jury could not reach verdicts on seven other counts of rewarding official misconduct.

Once a Brooklyn assistant district attorney from 1991 to 1995, Headley faces 16 months to 4 years on each count.

“I am pleased with this verdict that shows that my office stands firm in bringing to justice any individual who would engage in fraud against the government. This jury worked hard to reach the right verdict and we commend them for their duty,” Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson said in a statement.

Headley’s defense, Mariel LaSasso of the LaSasso Law Group, said in a statement, “By hanging on the majority of the counts, the jury expressed its belief in Mr. Headley’s defense. As to the charges upon which Mr. Headley was convicted, we respect the jury process and are prepared to submit to the court for sentencing on May 8, 2014.”

Assistant District Attorney Michael Spanakos handled the prosecution.