A Westchester attorney who pleaded guilty to his role in a pop concert scam, and a Long Island attorney facing complaints over his mortgage modification work, were disbarred Wednesday by a Brooklyn appellate court.

Westchester County prosecutors said Emmanuel Bentil, of the Bentil Firm in White Plains, and another man bilked investor Kachik Mouradian out of $225,000 by falsely representing they were affiliated with agents of pop star Taylor Swift. The pair told Mouradian that Swift was going to perform at a fictitious March 2010 concert in Phoenix and persuaded Mouradian to put up $375,000.

When Mouradian learned of the scam, Bentil returned $150,000, according to a district attorney press release announcing the charges. In December 2012, Bentil pleaded guilty in Westchester County Court to second degree grand larceny, a C felony, and received five years’ probation after satisfying plea agreement terms, including $115,000 restitution.

The Appellate Division, Second Department, disbarred Bentil by virtue of his felony conviction in Matter of Bentil, 2013-07058.

Separately, Rory Alarcon of the Alarcon Law Firm in Hauppauge offered his resignation, acknowledging the grievance committee was investigating 74 complaints against him from individuals in more than 30 states.

The complainants allege, among other things, that they were defrauded by one of the mortgage modification businesses where Alarcon served as the principal proprietor or corporate officer, and that Alarcon shared legal fees with non-lawyers and failed to supervise employees.

Alarcon said he “could not successfully defend himself on the merits against such charges.”

Presiding Justice Randall Eng (See Profile) and Justices William Mastro (See Profile), Reinaldo Rivera (See Profile), Peter Skelos (See Profile) and L. Priscilla Hall (See Profile) decided Matter of Alarcon, 2012-06866.

Justices Eng, Mastro, Rivera, Skelos and Robert Miller (See Profile) ruled in Bentil’s case.