The state Commission on Judicial Conduct has determined that District Court Judge David McAndrews in Nassau County (See Profile) should be censured for submitting a financial disclosure statement nearly 11 months after the filing was due and for his lack of cooperation with the commission's probe. "Financial disclosure by judges and other government officials is an important public policy. Failing to comply without a valid excuse, and failing to cooperate with a duly authorized inquiry, are things the Commission takes very seriously," Administrator Robert Tembeckjian said in a statement Monday,

McAndrews' 2010 disclosure statement to the Ethics Commission for the Unified Court System was due by May 15, 2011, but he did not file the document until April 9, 2012, only after receiving a notice to cure and a note of delinquency from the ethics commission. McAndrews testified that he "believes that he did file or attempt to file his 2010 financial disclosure statement electronically," the commission said, but he did not support the claim, and he acknowledged having "no valid excuse" for the late filing.

The determination noted McAndrews "expressed contrition for his misconduct." Furthermore, McAndrews met the deadline for his 2011 financial disclosure statement and promised to file all future financial filings on time. "This is a completely unnecessary action against an exceptional judge based upon the mistake he made," said his lawyer, Chriscq McDonough of McDonough & McDonough in Garden City. McAndrews was appointed a district court judge in 2010 and was elected in 2011.