The NYLJ 100 is back with the top 100 firms ranked by number of lawyers in their New York offices in 2012.

This year’s edition of the NYLJ 100 marks a shift in methodology. While we continue to present firms’ average number of full-time equivalent attorneys for the preceding calendar year (Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2012), where a firm has multiple locations in New York we now add them together to arrive at one total number of attorneys statewide. Previous editions of the NYLJ 100 only ranked a firm’s largest New York office.

This new methodology resulted in new firms being added to the chart while some slipped off. As Christine Simmons notes in her article "Regional Firm Growth Outpaces Larger Firms in 2012," the headcount at the state’s largest law firms is holding steady at the same time regional small to midsize firms are expanding at a brisk pace.

This special report also contains charts that list attorney headcounts for the largest minority-owned law firms in New York state, as well as totals for each of New York’s 62 district attorney offices, the attorney general’s office, the New York City Law Department, and the state’s four U.S. attorney offices. In addition, for the first time our report lists attorney numbers for the largest women-owned firms in the state. Unless otherwise noted, all numbers are as of Dec. 31, 2012.

Using data obtained from the Office of Court Administration and the U.S. Census Bureau, we also include a chart of attorney concentration by county, illustrated via a ratio of attorneys to general population for each county in New York.