Justice David Schmidt

United General Insurance moved for summary judgment dismissing the fourth-party complaint of Global Properties. New York City transferred title to the subject property to Washington Temple Church and the deed was recorded in 1976. Erroneously, the city transferred title to the same property to non-party Shavers and recorded the deed in 1977. Shavers’ administratrix transferred title to Global, to whom United issued a title insurance policy. Global transferred the title to Spitzer for whom Ticor Title Insurance issued a title insurance policy. Washington commenced a suit against Global, Spitzer and the city seeking quiet title. Global asserted a cross-claim against the city. The court previously granted Washington’s motion for summary judgment declaring it to be the owner of the property. Global appealed, but the Appellate Division affirmed holding that Global was charged with record notice. Global filed a fourth-party action asserting claims against United for contract breach, negligence and indemnification arising under the title insurance policy. United denied coverage claiming that Global conveyed title to the property, thus the title insurance terminated. The court agreed finding United’s obligation to provide coverage to Global terminated when Global conveyed the property to Spitzer as the deed did not contain a warranty of title. Hence, the exclusion of coverage after the property was transferred was clear, United had no duty to defend Global in the actions commenced against it.