A Manhattan lawyer who was hit with a $10,000 sanction earlier this year for egregious conduct at a deposition is on the hook for an additional $36,274 in attorney fees and expenses. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Saliann Scarpulla (See Profile) on Oct. 17 ordered attorney Joseph Sahid to pay $29,753 in fees and $6,521 in expenses in Matter of Cadlerock Joint Venture v. Sol Greenberg & Sons, 105190/07.

In April, the Appellate Division, First Department, sanctioned Sahid for insulting Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Jane Solomon (the trial judge) (See Profile), her clerk, a court reporter and the plaintiff’s counsel, and remanded for a calculation of fees and expenses (NYLJ, April 23). The First Department in June rejected Sahid’s motion for reargument or, in the alternative, leave to appeal to the Court of Appeals.

Scarpulla’s award of fees and expenses came after two days of hearings and on a motion of the plaintiff’s counsel, Vlock & Associates of Manhattan. The underlying dispute involved a $1.1 million judgment owed by a diamond dealer to a partnership that had been assigned the debt by a bank. Solomon, in her decision, had criticized the behavior of attorneys on both sides, but did not sanction either. The First Department sanctioned Sahid but made no mention of the Vlock firm’s conduct.