The New York City Law Department has announced that 34 attorneys and 26 volunteer attorneys have joined the agency.

The 34 permanent appointees are Bryan Berge, Harvard Law School, Affirmative Litigation; Kimberly Bolte, Brooklyn Law School, Tort; Joshua Brookstein, New York Law School, Family Court; Ryan Budhu, Hofstra University School of Law, Tort; Edan Burkett, Brigham Young University, J. Reuben Clark Law School, Workers’ Compensation; Candice Cho, Columbia Law School, Corporation Counsel Clerkship; Shawn Clark, Brooklyn Law, Labor and Employment Law; Tavish DeAtley, Fordham University School of Law, Special Federal Litigation; Donnalee Donaldson, Emory University School of Law, Tort; Matthew Ellias, St. John’s University School of Law, Tort; Jesse Goldberg, Hofstra Law, Tort; Levi Grosswald, Brooklyn Law, Workers’ Compensation.

Also, Elizabeth Harris, New York University School of Law, Environmental Law; Athar Haseebullah, Howard University School of Law, Family Court; Kari Heyison, Touro Law Center, Tort; James Hicks, Cornell Law School, Tax and Bankruptcy Litigation; James Horton, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Special Federal Litigation; Elizabeth Jun, Cornell Law, Family Court; Daniel Makofsky, St. John’s Law, Family Court; Benjamin Miller, George Washington University Law School, Commercial and Real Estate Litigation; Alison Moe, Columbia Law, Special Federal Litigation; Rosemari Nam, Brooklyn Law, Special Federal Litigation; Jessica O’Grady, Brooklyn Law, Family Court; Jane Park, Cardozo Law, Tort; Daniel Passeser, NYU Law, Special Federal Litigation; Nana Sarpong, Howard Law, Tort; Omar Siddiqi, Cardozo Law, Special Federal Litigation.

Also, Jeffrey Smith, NYU Law, Family Court; Natalie Smith, Fordham Law, Family Court; Valerie Smith, Cardozo Law, Family Court; Rebecca Sternhell, Fordham Law, D.C. Legislative Office; Benjamin Tracy, Touro Law, Labor and Employment Law; Omar Tuffaha, Fordham Law, General Litigation; and Rebecca Visgaitis, Columbia Law, Family Court.

The 26 volunteers include mostly recent law school graduates whose post-graduate employment is being funded through grants from their law schools for periods ranging from 10 weeks to one year.

They are Moses Ahn, St. John’s Law, Administrative Law; Jake Barnard, Vanderbilt University School of Law, Tax and Bankruptcy Litigation; Lucas Christiansen, Brooklyn Law, Tort; Daniel Cohen, Brooklyn Law, General Litigation; Gati Dalal, Brooklyn Law, Labor and Employment Law; Joseph DePalma, Columbia Law, General Litigation; John Escherich, Vanderbilt Law, Administrative Law; Mandy Estinville, Boston College Law School, Administrative Law; John Getz, Brooklyn Law, Tort; Joseph Hadacek, Washington University School of Law, St. Louis, Tort; Sophia Isani, Brooklyn Law, Tort; Fatimargentina Lacayo, Columbia Law, Family Court; Daniel LaRose, University of Pennsylvania Law School, Labor and Employment Law; Roseanne Lazer, Georgetown University Law Center, Commercial and Real Estate Litigation; Richard Lee, Columbia Law, General Litigation.

Also, Leslie Mahaffey, Duke University School of Law, Appeals; Robert McFarlane, Vanderbilt Law, Administrative Law; Taylor McGowan, Columbia Law, Legal Counsel; Timothy McKernan, University of Virginia School of Law, Legal Counsel; Samara Meyers, Vanderbilt Law, Family Court; Kyle Mitchell, Hofstra Law, Administrative Law; Shira Mizrahi, Cardozo School, Family Court; Jasmine Paul, University at Buffalo Law School, Family Court; Bryan Stech, University of Washington, Seattle, Family Court; Edmund Witter, St. John’s Law, Administrative Law; Kevin Zhao, University of Virginia Law, Commercial and Real Estate Litigation.