Justice Doris Ling-Cohan

All City Interior sought to set aside a decision by New York City’s Business Integrity Commission denying its application for a license to operate a trade waste business. All City alleged it was an interior demolition company and that Rodopolous was its secretary-treasurer and 90 percent owner. Its initial application was granted in 2003, and it received subsequent renewals. Yet, its 2009 renewal application was denied as Rodopolous was previously indicted for illegal gambling and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor promoting gambling. The city noted Rodopolous’ indictment named him as an associate of the Luchese crime family, and his prior associations raised question as to A.C. Carting’s relationship to All City. The city chose not to believe All City’s evidence that there was no relationship between the two, instead finding they were acting “in a manner designed to obscure and minimize their clear connections to organized crime.” The court stated the city did not have to accept All City’s evidence, and had a rational basis to conclude that A.C. Carting was being used “as a front for” All City, and All City failed to show the requisite good character to warrant granting a license to operate a waste trade business.