Waiting on line at 80 Centre St. to get married are, above, Jim Consolantis (left) and Joseph Oroza; right, Amberely Babikian (left) and Bebi Nikgjonaj; far right, Kathe Davridge (left) and Kim Dodd.

People handed out flowers to those on line, above, while City Council Speaker Christine Quinn congratulated waiting couples Dylan Stein (left) and Gabriel Blau, above right, and Melanie Velez (left) and Victoria Torres, right.

Above, the judges who were signing waivers and performing marriage ceremonies posed for a photo before beginning the proceedings.

Above left, waiting in the halls of the Marriage Bureau. Above right, Justice Sherry Klein Heitler speaking to the judges before the marriages proceed. At left, David Garland (left) and Scott Pidgeon sign paperwork for their marriage license and waiver. Below left, Jonathan Mintz (left) and John Feinblatt display their waiver. Below right, Sebastian Barleben (left) and Johnny Lee at their wedding.

City Clerk Michael McSweeney performs the marriage ceremony of Michael Johnson (left) and Michael Roberts, above left. Justice Sherry Klein Heitler, above right, waits in a chapel for couples to be married. Below, Jonathon Townley (left) and Michael Fellows are celebrated by family and friends after being married by Justice George Silver.