COVID-19 and Technology in International Arbitration

Arbitration centers have witnessed a significant increase in the use of virtual hearing services.

Companies Are Key To Driving Diversity in Arbitration

Increased diversity on arbitral tribunals is key to ensuring the integrity and efficacy of proceedings.

The Hard Peace: Mediation in New York’s Med-NJ Program

The Med-NJ Program, composed of one mediator and law student interns, is housed in New York County guided by Deputy Chief Administrative Judge for the City of New York, Deborah Kaplan. Med-NJ accepts multi-party commercial and construction matters, co-op/condo disputes and matrimonial cases, along with any other civil litigation.

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights Through International Arbitration

With IP disputes common, companies and governments should make sure to choose the right dispute resolution mechanism.

The Importance of the Preliminary Conference in Commercial Arbitration: Proactively Ensuring the Experience of the Proceeding

Advance communication between counsel and an initiative-taking arbitrator are essential for achieving the goal of a fair, efficient, and economical resolution of the dispute.

The Mediation Opening Statement: Why You Should Make It and How To Make It Work

The opening statement is an opportunity to go beyond pure legal arguments and the typical all-or-nothing approach of litigation.

Emergency Arbitration Awards and Global Enforcement

This article examines some of the key benefits that emergency arbitration offers in cross-border disputes, as well as some of the enforcement challenges that emergency awards can face.