Helping Clients Plan for the Sale of a Family-Owned Business

This article will help the trusted lawyer frame issues for the family and consider what specialty outside advisors should be added as key players on the team.

Good Value: Incorporating ESG Into M&A Due Diligence

Dealmakers must be ready to examine relevant ESG matters pre-transaction. They not only have the potential to impact the value and price of the acquisition, but increasingly, ESG matters are determining whether the deal should go forward at all.

SPACs: Great for Celebrities, but What About Dissenting Shareholders?

The day of reckoning may finally be upon Wall Street’s long-running reality show. The overlooked concerns and drowned-out voices of the dissenting shareholders are now being heard and, in response, SPACs have been forced to become more transparent and accountable.

Redrafting the Standard ‘Ordinary Course Covenant’ in Light of Extraordinary Events Such as Pandemics

The COVID-19 pandemic has served as a dramatic reminder that extraordinary events that affect acquirers and target companies can arise between the signing and closing of a merger agreement.