‘Liu v. SEC’: One Year Later

The limiting principles on the SEC’s disgorgement power outlined in ‘Liu’ remain alive and well despite the National Defense Authorization Act and have opened the door for meaningful and effective challenges to proposed SEC disgorgement awards.

Cybersecurity Enforcement Trends: A Fraught New Reality for ‘Victims’ of Cyberattacks

Recently, there have been signs of a different approach to cybersecurity enforcement, as regulators have shifted their focus from data breach notifications to overall cybersecurity preparedness.

Recent Federal Cases Signal Increased Scrutiny of Ethical Wall Procedures

In this article, the authors discuss best practices for effective implementation of ethical walls in light of two recent developments.

COVID-19 Fraud Schemes Rise Amid Pandemic

It remains to be seen whether these schemes are here to stay or will be replaced by even newer methods as the pandemic wanes.

A Warning About ‘Upjohn’ Warnings: A Word of Caution for Individual Employees

This article discusses the practical reality that ‘Upjohn’ warnings afford considerably less protection to individual employees than conventional wisdom may suggest.