The Court of Appeals will soon be back to full strength. Governor Andrew Cuomo nominated Administrative Judge of the New York City Civil Courts Anthony Cannataro and Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas to fill the vacancies on the Court of Appeals caused by Judge Paul G. Feinman’s passing and Judge Leslie E. Stein’s impending retirement. Their nominations were confirmed by the State Senate on June 8, 2021. Judge Cannataro was appointed to his current position by Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence K. Marks in 2018. Ms. Singas was first elected to the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office in November 2015.

The Court of Appeals recently considered the scope of the General Business Law’s prohibition of deceptive acts or practices in a case against legal publisher Matthew Bender & Company (Bender). In a majority opinion written by Judge Jenny Rivera and joined by Chief Judge Janet DiFiore and Judges Leslie Stein, Michael Garcia and Rowen Wilson, the court affirmed the Appellate Division, First Department’s dismissal of the case but rejected the First Department’s more narrow interpretation of the statute’s scope.