TeamworkWhen COVID-19 entered our world last winter lawyers stepped up their efforts to help their clients manage through lockdowns and adjust to remote working. It’s a year later, and clients are perhaps a bit more optimistic, but concerns are still front and center. Current marketing literature says that clients are in some ways more dependent on their lawyer advisors, but at the same time, more demanding about client service. They want what they want when they want it. I asked my lawyer advisory panel what their clients wanted now as we move into the new normal, and how they met those needs.

Client Concerns

Several lawyers said their clients are seeing opportunities in the reopening of commerce. Kyle-Beth Hilfer, Hilfer Law, who focuses her practice on intellectual property and media marketing issues, says, “I see more clients finding creative ways to engage their customers, resulting in more curiosity to learn what they do not know and prevent legal risk in this tenuous environment.”