hacker coding at night cybersecurity conceptDid the COVID-19 pandemic cause a cyber pandemic by exposing the vulnerabilities of organizations forced to work remotely? In this article we examine cybersecurity incidents that occurred in four high profile organizations in 2020 in order to: (1) highlight relevant cybersecurity, privacy, and data breach legislation and regulations; (2) demonstrate that all industries and organizations can be victims of cybercrimes; (3) discuss the diversity of cyberattacks; (4) compare the organizations’ responses and mitigation efforts; and last but not least (5) provide practical tips to avoid loss. We begin by highlighting the major data privacy and cybersecurity regulations that could be triggered by cyberattacks.

Navigating the Maze: The Legislative and Regulatory Angle

What cybersecurity, privacy, and data breach notification laws and regulations could be implicated in a cyberattack? It depends.