Virtual Litigation Analytics Photo: Somkid Thongdee via Shutterstock

Litigation in the Time of COVID: Best Practices for Virtual Advocacy

A focus on how the pandemic has affected litigators and litigation practices, which developments may and should be here to stay, and some best practices for navigating the new normal of virtual advocacy, whether in discovery or in trials.

Back to Work: Preparing for Litigation When Returning from Quarantine

As staff begin to return to work amid continued concerns related to COVID-19, it is time to prepare for a wave of employee lawsuits stemming from such things as union efforts, unavoidable close quarters and staffing reductions. This article offers a list of some preventive measures internal teams can take to ensure their company is in the best position to minimize risk and exposure.

Your Choice: Model Your Litigation, or Overpay

Most law firm pitches are heavy on the lawyers’ experiences and record, but leave out a really crucial part of the litigation: its resolution. This article will concern using analytics on litigation resolutions to pick the right counsel and to demonstrate a legal department’s value as a profit-generating department, not just a cost center.

Trademarks and the First Amendment: Litigation Trends

The Supreme Court has recognized the conflict between trademark law’s important commercial and consumer protection functions, and the First Amendment protections for expressive works. Here, the author considers this conflict against the backdrop of a series of recent cases applying these doctrines.

The Use of Private Judges: New World, New Wave?

The New York judicial system provides a legal method for parties who have legal disputes to hire a “private judge” to resolve their dispute while affording all the remedies and protections that the formal court system offers. This article explains the legal authority and benefits.