Kevin Fumai, senior managing counsel, Oracle America, Inc.

What are some of your most satisfying successes of the past year and why?

I measure success by how I help others, so I’m most proud of the efforts to create and deliver training and knowledge sharing programs than span a wide array of technical and soft skills.  These programs are consistently lauded as the best at Oracle and often in people’s entire careers, and I strongly believe that’s due to the investment of time to simplify complex topics and the genuine passion to help everyone become the best version of themselves.  The sprint to virtualize these programs and increase their frequency following the COVID-19 pandemic has been even more rewarding, as it’s helped cement a people-first culture.

What is your best advice for in-house lawyers trying to make an impact, with their corporate clients and beyond?

Our world is changing in so many ways, and it’s more important than ever for in-house counsel to step into a leadership role to navigate through the complexity.  This doesn’t require a high-level position or fancy title; instead, anyone can lead by serving others with genuine compassion.  Personal growth and professional success will inevitably follow.