“I never knew I needed to practice that before my judicial clerkship interview.”

In addition to offering minutes of non-billable entertainment, last week’s quiz served as a brand awareness test: 95 percent of quiz-takers knew that Duke basketball player Zion Williamson was wearing a Nike shoe that failed early in last month’s game against North Carolina.

It helped that two of the four possible answers were Ferragamo and Jimmy Choo, but we did get a few people who thought Williamson was sporting Converse.

The big win for the quiz master was catching 6 percent answering that former Trump White House Counsel Don McGahn was headed to work not at Jones Day but at “Dean, Gray, Nussbaum & Fielding.”

That is a fictitious boutique whose name partners are former White House counsels John Dean (Nixon), C. Boyden Gray (Bush I), Bernard Nussbaum (Clinton) and Fred Fielding (Reagan.)

Good luck on this week’s installment, and email me at jringel@alm.com if you have any quiz questions to suggest. I’ll give a shoutout to anyone whose question I use–unless you don’t want your colleagues to know you spend time on these things, which I understand (“Look busy!”).