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Catching the Cannabis Wave? The Legal Status of CBD and Its Future as a Subject of Civil Litigation

The rapid pace by which CBD is being introduced to the consuming public is not free of regulatory and litigation risk.

Practical Strategies for Defending ADA Website Accessibility Claims

Defense of ADA website claims calls for a very practical approach, undergirded by an in-depth knowledge of defenses that are likely to prevail and those that are no longer viable. This article discusses the current state of the law and focus on practical strategies for resolving ADA website claims.


NY’s Freeze-Out Mergers Offer Limited Rights and Recourse for LLC Minority Members

In New York in particular, minority members of limited liability companies run the risk of being involuntarily cashed out of the company in a “freeze-out” merger or “midnight merger,” wherein a merger takes place in secrecy—proverbially overnight—without prior notice to the minority members.

Direct vs. Consequential Lost Profits: Checking in Five Years After ‘Biotronik’

Many sophisticated commercial parties continue to include a boilerplate consequential damages bar in their contracts, often on the assumption that it protects against a multi-million dollar lost profits award in the event of a breach. This may prove a dangerous assumption.