The New York State Bar Association asked Congress and the president “to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that the judiciary is sufficiently funded during the current budget impasse.”

“The federal court system is the citadel charged with ensuring proper administration of justice and our nation’s adherence to the rule of law. Operations of the federal courts—and, indeed, justice for all Americans—should not and must not be subject to the vagaries of politics,” said Michael Miller, president of the association, in a statement.

He said the shutdown is having a serious impact on the administration of justice. He was responding in part to the position taken by the U.S. Justice Department, which has asked federal courts nationwide to pause all proceedings in cases involving the government because of what it characterizes as the government lawyers’ inability to “perform their duties.”

Miller said that lawyers are dealing with conflicting information about how the court system will operate during the shutdown.

“While federal courts remain operational, there is still confusion regarding which court-related services are available and what offices within the federal court system are staffed and available to serve attorneys and others who may not be involved in specific legal proceedings, but nevertheless need to interact with the system,” he said.

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