Sexual harassment Credit: bdstudio/

The willingness of Lucian Chalfen, the New York Judiciary’s official spokesperson, to attack numerous current and former court system employees in the press is disheartening.

I am writing in response to some of Mr. Chalfen’s comments, which were printed in Andrew Denney and Dan Clark’s article on how the New York State court system handles sexual harassment complaints by employees.

While Ms. Marquez was employed by the court system, no one responded to any of her internal complaints. She received no response from anyone, including Judge DiFiore.  Now, almost one year later, Chalfen is eager to comment in the press.

There are too many things to correct about Chalfen’s numerous statements throughout the article.  Court system “investigators” refused to cooperate with Ms. Marquez; not vice versa.  The fact that the New York judiciary deleted almost half of its sexual harassment policy in secret and is now calling it “stylistic editing” speaks for itself.

As of right now, I sincerely believe that no one in the court system’s entire administration has any idea how to properly handle a harassment complaint.  Someone needs to step in—the court system’s Administrative Board, Governor Cuomo, Senators Gillibrand and Schumer—anyone, please.

Tony Vassilev is the attorney for Alexis Marquez.