Photograph by Rick Kopstein

The Legal Aid Society commemorated Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month at its office on Wednesday. Speakers Arlene Rivera, Anabel Flores and Anthony Posada discussed their work and leadership within The Legal Aid Society and how it impacts their communities. Felix Polanco and Sunny Santino Mirando of True 2 Life, an anti-violence program of Staten Island’s Central Family Life Center, a community partner of Legal Aid, also addressed the group. Pictured from left are, Dawne Mitchell, attorney-in-charge of the juvenile rights practice; Sunny Santino Mirando of True 2 Life; Anabel Flores, a paralegal case handler; Tina Luongo, chief defender; Anthony Posada, supervising attorney in the community justice unit; Femi Disu-Oakley, director of diversity and inclusion; Felix Polanco of True 2 Life; and Arlene Rivera, staff attorney.