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Surrogacy in New York: Boon or Bane?

A discussion of the proposed legislation known as the “Child-Parent Security Act of 2017” (CPSA) which would lift the ban on surrogacy agreements in New York, with a look at the subtle and not so subtle benefits and burdens that may ensue if the legislation is passed.

Divorce Without Destruction

A look at some techniques to use to get better results for yourself and your clients by being more strategic.

Beyond Broken Bones: Recognizing Psychological Harm to Children When Applying ‘Grave Risk of Harm’ Standard

A discussion of how courts applying the “grave risk of harm” defense to repatriation under the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction need to recognize the psychological harm caused to children by exposure to domestic violence.

Prenup Tutorial: A Survey of Recent Case Law

A highlight of significant takeaways for family lawyers and other practitioners to consider regarding prenuptial agreements.

When Matrimonial Attorneys Become Divorce Mediators

Many matrimonial attorneys will take on divorce mediation cases and agree to act in the capacity of divorce mediator. Sometimes, the attorneys are trained and experienced in divorce mediation, whereas other times they are not. The results will vary based on the mediator’s understanding of how divorce mediation should be conducted.