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The Evolving Litigation Marketplace Demands New Ways of Doing Business

Artificial intelligence is virtually everywhere. But forget about Alexa, self-driving cars and those pesky pop-up ads that follow you around the Internet. Think litigation tools. As the legal profession adapts to changes in the marketplace, more law firms are looking for alternative ways of doing business.

A Field Guide to Channelling Injunctions and Litigation Trusts

A discussion of negotiating and litigating channeling injunctions—powerful tools available in asbestos and mass-tort bankruptcies that can provide comprehensive solutions for debtors, tort claimants, and interested non-debtor companies. The article explains the ins-and-outs of how channeling injunctions work, who can benefit from them, and what factors a company might consider in weighing whether to participate in a channeling injunction.

Emerging Trends in Representation & Warranties Insurance Claims

You closed the deal on an important acquisition. Now, a few weeks in, you’re slowly beginning to realize that the business you purchased is different from the business you diligenced. Liabilities are popping up out of nowhere. As this drama unfolds, you take comfort in the fact that you purchased a representation and warranties insurance policy as part of the transaction. Now comes the hard part.

The Workforce Mobility Act: The Wrong Solution for Non-Compete Litigation

A discussion of the litigation aspects of restrictive covenants.