Wheelchair symbol Photo Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt, via Flickr

Partnership for Children’s Rights, a not-for-profit law firm, is merging with Mobilization for Justice Inc., an anti-poverty organization.

The merger will dramatically expand Mobilization for Justice’s ability to provide legal assistance to low-income New York City students with disabilities and their families, the organization said in a press release.

“With some 50,000 school children in New York City lacking appropriate special education services, there is tremendous need for legal assistance,” said Todd Silverblatt who will direct the new program. “We’ll be able to do more as part of Mobilization for Justice, and the families and children we serve will benefit greatly. It’s a win-win all around.”

Mobilization for Justice assists families seeking special education services for children with mental illness through medical-legal partnerships with Bellevue, Harlem and Kings County hospitals.

Warren Sinsheimer, a former partner at Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler and founder of the partnership, suggested the merger.

“At age 91, I thought it was time to retire, but I wanted to find PFCR a home that would not only carry on our work, but also expand it,” he said.