Mike Millet, right, pictured in 2015 at the annual dinner of the Kings County Criminal Bar Association, where he was recognized for his years of service. At left is Michael Farkas, then president of the bar association.

Most, if not all of you, who read this have never heard of Michael (Mike) A. Millet, Esq.

He is not famous, his cases rarely make news and he is not often interviewed or opined on TV. It’s not that he shunned or sought publicity. His practice was and is such that it doesn’t usually interest the media.

All he does, after a stint with the Legal Aid Society in the 70′s, is represent indigent defendants in criminal cases ranging from public urination to murder. And he does this, day in and day out, without fanfare.

He has few retained clients, perhaps a handful. His office is small and cluttered with hundreds, if not a thousand files, many not more than a ½ inch thick. He does the work that the Constitution demands of an attorney and ably represents his clients. He has been doing so for almost 50 years.

I needed to write this now so that Mike and his family have a chance to read it together. His doctors recently informed him that his time is running out. I know what his colleagues think of him: a capable, unassuming, commited, knowledgeable, morally upright and dedicated lawyer, and, just as important, a good and nice guy.

It’s people like this, who toil in anonymity, that deserve as much public recognition as the most storied media “sensations.” Especially in today’s climate in which we’re inundated by posers, opinionated “know-nothings,” blatant liars and their ilk, who hold our profession up to scorn and ridicule.

Just saying!

George A. Farkas